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First Response Teams

A large populated rural area surrounds the City of Thunder Bay. This rural area is serviced by a dedicated group of 12 volunteer First Response Teams.

These first reponse teams are a vital link in the EMS system.  Emergency response times for parmedics to these areas could be in excess of 20 minutes.  First Response Teams can have a First Responder on scene in 10 minutes or less resulting in the initiation of Basic Life Support (BLS).

Two to the east:
Shuniah and Pass Lake 
Two to the north:    
East Gorham and Lappe
Five to the west:
Conmee, Kaministiquia, Connor, Oliver/Paipoonge, and Shabandowan 
Three to the south:
Neebing, Gillies and Nolalu 

First Response Teams

  • provide emergency first response services until the arrival of paramedics
  • provide service to their communities
  • dedicated volunteers
  • on call 24/7
  • respond to medical emergencies, motor vehicle collisions
  • provide standby support for their fire department during a fire


  • 44 hour Canadian Red Cross First Responder course
  • mandatory recertification for all team members
  • each team has their own instructor who has undergone a 20 hour instructor course and a 44 hour co-teach session with another qualified instructor
  • coorindators oversee all aspects of the team, including all paperwork submitted to Superior North EMS, maintaining of supplies and reporting to their superiors
  • training sessions held anywhere from once to four times a month

Superior North EMS

  • team coordinators report to the Professional Standards division
  • Andrew Dillon, Deputy Chief Professional Standards
  • Tamara Carruthers, Professional Standards Support Person
  • support provided
  • provides supplies and equipment
  • provides expertise in the field of emergency care

Because of the dedication of these volunteer First Responders, the lives that have been given a second chance are countless.